Synapse Interchain Network

An optimistic proof-of-stake interchain network.

What is Synapse Interchain Network?

The Synapse Interchain Network (SIN) is an optimistic proof-of-stake interchain network. SIN allows trustless communication & settlement between chains, making all blockchain data & liquidity accessible and transferable across all chains. The protocol builds on previous research used for Optimistic Layer 2 technologies and is inspired by the work of the Optimism team. Our design principles:

  • Trustless — A single honest actor maintains network security, as long as there is at least one honest guard, fraudulent messages aren't executed. The network doesn’t rely on centralized oracles or permissioned relayers to validate transactions.

  • Permissionless — Anyone can run an agent, strengthening network security & competing for fees. Furthermore, agents can permissionlessly support new chains.

  • Modular Security — Different types of use cases have different security needs. SIN’s security architecture supports them all. Apps can leverage the customizable optimistic period to ensure interchain integrity. This flexible design enables the full range of interchain use cases, from multi-billion dollar Dapp governance to NFT bridging, to all use the same system with no tradeoffs.

Use Cases

SIN's decentralization and censorship-resistance enables a wide range of new use cases, including:

Chain Abstraction - No more switching chains. Interact with smart contracts and Dapps connected to the Interchain Network regardless of what chain they’re on or where you have assets.

Unified Liquidity - Liquidity for tokens and lending is fragmented across dozens of chains. SIN allows for interchain transactions on multiple chains at once allowing a user to tap into total onchain liquidity without leaving their preferred chain.

Interchain Connectivity - Seamlessly connect blockchains with SIN’s permissionless architecture. New chains can onboard users, assets and call smart contracts on any chain.

Table of Contents

Learn about Staking and Fees

Synapse Interchain Network Testnet

Build on the Synapse Interchain Network

Synapse Interchain Network Message Lifecycle

Synapse Interchain Network Contracts

Learn about Off Chain Agents

Note: The above is a vast oversimplification of the system, which includes multiple ways to report fraud (some permissionless). For a more comprehensive overview, please see the contracts.

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