The Origin contract is deployed on all chains in the interchain network. Each origin contract represents the state of messages sent to that chain at any given time.

The origin contract serves an extremely important role in the optimistic system akin to the L1 in ORU's like optimism. It's the only place where fraud on destination chains can be proven.

This is because the sending chain in any cross-chain system is the only place it can be proven, with absolute certainty, that something actually happened. So, when a fraud report occurs, this is the only place that the fraud report can be resolved.


The Origin contract is responsible for the following:

  • Formatting the sent message payloads, and inserting their hashes into the Origin Merkle Tree.

  • Keeping track of the historical Origin Merkle Tree containing all the message hashes.

  • Enforcing minimum tips (fees) values for sent base messages based on the provided execution requests. This is done using a Gas Oracle

  • Distributing the collected tips upon request from a local contract.

The statue used in this contract is used by the AgentManager

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