Bridge Liquidity

The engine behind Synapse's cross-chain infrastructure.

What is nUSD?

nUSD, or "nexus" USD, is a cross-chain stablecoin fully backed by the nexus stablecoin liquidity pool on Ethereum consisting of DAI, USDC, and USDT.

The nexus stablecoin pool is a liquidity pool incentivized on every destination chain Synapse offers. LPs accrue value through bridge fees and SYN emissions, giving end users access to deep liquidity and low slippage on stable pairs

When a stablecoin is bridged between Synapse-enabled chains, the funds are automatically converted to nUSD, and bridged to the destination chain. Once there, this nUSD can be auto-swapped to that chain's native stablecoins using the local nUSD pool.

What is nETH?

nETH, or "nexus" ETH, is a cross-chain asset pegged to ETH and fully backed by the nexus ETH liquidity pool on Ethereum that consists solely (for now) of ETH.

nETH is used to enable fast bridging of ETH to and from L2 networks such as Arbitrum, Boba, and Optimism.

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