Contract Addresses

Addresses for all relevant Synapse Protocol contracts.

Due to the number of deployments & contracts across multiple chains, this is not currently an exhaustive list.

An exhaustive list as well as all Synapse Protocol contracts & deployment addresses can be found on Github. The Synapse Router Contract is 0x7E7A0e201FD38d3ADAA9523Da6C109a07118C96a on all chains and the Synapse CCTP Router is 0xd5a597d6e7ddf373a92c8f477daaa673b0902f48 on all chains that support CCTP. Additionally, the Synapse RFQ Router is 0x0000000000489d89D2B233D3375C045dfD05745F on all chains that support RFQ.

Synapse Token

nUSD Token

nETH Token



Synapse Bridge Zaps

ETH Pools

Stableswap Pools

Synapse CCTP

Synapse RFQ

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