Synapse Bridge

The Synapse Bridge is the first user-facing product built on top of the cross-chain communication network. Synapse Bridge allows users to seamlessly swap on-chain assets across 15+ EVM and non-EVM blockchains in a safe and secure manner. The bridge supports two types of bridging:

  • Canonical Token Bridging — bridging of wrapped assets across chains

  • Liquidity-based Bridging — bridging of native assets across cross-chain stableswap pools

  • RFQ Bridging — bridging using intent based relayers for faster confirmation and competitive quotes

Synapse Bridge is also available for developers who want to integrate cross-chain asset swapping natively into their application. By leveraging the bridge, developers can build truly cross-chain DeFi applications including cross-chain DEX, lending platforms, margining systems, derivatives markets, yield aggregators, and much more. The cross-chain AMM gives users access to the deep liquidity, low fees, and minimal slippage.

In a short span of time, the Synapse Bridge has become one of the most widely used and trusted bridges, processed nearly $14 billion in total volume, serviced hundreds of thousands of users as well as mass scale dapps like DeFi Kingdoms.

All of the bridging contracts can be found here

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