Synapse Chain

Synapse Chain is an Ethereum-based Optimistic Rollup, built on the Syn OP Stack, inspired by OP Stack.

Synapse Chain is an Etherum-based optimistic rollup built on the SYN OP stack.

Synapse Chain is EVM compatible, leveraging the rich infrastructure and developer ecosystem built around it. Like Optimism, Synapse Chain settles to Ethereum, enabling the scalable & trustless environment of Optimistic Rollups. Transactions on Synapse Chain are near instant and cost a fraction of what they would on Ethereum.

Unlike other rollups, by building on the SYN OP Stack, Synapse Chain is a natively interchain rollup, able to communicate other supported chains by the Synapse Interchain Network.

This enables interchain deposits to Synapse Chain and fast withdraws from the Synapse Chain Bridge.

It serves as the data availability layer of the Synapse Interchain Network and as a soverign execution environment for interchain applications.

Synapse Interchain Data Availability Layer

Synapse Chain contains the state of all chains within the SIN. Anytime a message is sent through SIN, it is settled to Synapse Chain and attested to by off-chain agents inside of a global Merkle tree. Thus, Synapse Chain serves as the data availability layer for the Interchain Network. All messages sent, attestations made, and agent information can be accessed through Synapse Chain. Since Synapse Chain is an rollup, all of the SIN data gets settled to Ethereum, resulting in the following Synapse stack:

  • Synapse Interchain Network, enabling trustless interchain communication

  • Synapse Chain, serving as a high throughput, low cost, data availability layer & execution environment

  • Ethereum, serving as the finals settlement destination and data availability layer of Synapse Interchain. All Synapse Interchain actions, such as attestations, staking, and slashing, can occur through L1. Fraud can be resolved through Ethereum for the Synapse Interchain.

This is why Synapse Chain serves as an interchain data availability layer for the SIN, and is the first interchain rollup.

Building Interchain Applications

By serving as the hub of the Interchain Network, Synapse Chain enables application developers to create new primitive applications previously not possible.

Learn more about Building on Synapse Chain & building on the Synapse Interchain Network.

Synapse Chain Gas Fees

Currently, transaction fees on Synapse Chain are paid in ETH. In the future, this could be paid in any token. See below for additional transaction fee information.

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For more information on the SYN OP Stack and the benefits of launching using the SYN OP Stack, see below

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