SYN OP Stack

The Syn OP Stack is a natively interchain rollup stack, built on top of Optimism's OP Stack.

The SYN OP Stack is a modified version of Optimism's OP Stack, enabling natively interchain rollups.

The SYN OP Stack has all of the standard benefits of the OP stack, but enshrines the Synapse Interchain Network at the root of the rollup, allowing any SYN OP chain to communicate with all other supported chains by the Synapse Interchain Network.

Modularized L2 Bridging

The SYN Op Stack allows for interchain deposits and fast withdraws from the standard L2 Bridge via the Synapse Interchain Network. The standard 7-day L2 bridge withdrawal period works fine for some execution environments, however, many rollups need to be able to customize withdraw periods based on the activities on the rollup. The SYN OP Stack enables rollups to modularize their bridge logic, whether by token, amount bridged, or throughput.

Built-in interchain communication

The Synapse Interchain Network is in built in the SYN OP Stack. Applications are increasingly interchain and require interacting with other chains. The standard OP Stack only allows for Ethereum ↔ L2 communication. This was built under the design of one all-encompassing rollup and Ethereum, but 1000s of new blockchains have launched, and rollup must allow application developers to onboard users and assets from all other chains, not just Ethereum.

Permissionless Interoperability

Due to the permissionless nature of SIN, the SYN OP Stack allows rollups to immediately have native interchain communication with all chains supported by SIN. Any rollup developer can run their own agents, enabling communication, strengthening network security, and competing for fees.

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